Sleep: How to Get More of It!

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We spend roughly one third of our lives sleeping. It is what allows us to restore our energy, consolidate our thoughts and memories, release hormones and aid proper growth and repair keeping our minds and bodies healthy. So, what happens when we aren’t getting enough of it, and how do we fix it? A good night’s sleep depends on both the quality and the quantity. Here are some top tops to help you enjoy a longer, better quality sleep.

1. Regulate Your Sleep Schedule

Going to sleep and waking up at the same time each and every day will help regulate the amount and quality of you sleep. Your body enjoys habits and will fall easily in line with this one. The repetition will teach your brain to shut off each night allowing you to rest soundly.

2. Turn Off All the Lights

Keeping your bedroom completely dark will go a long way in shutting off your brain, as there will be no distracting sights for it to latch on to. Lights are known to disrupt sleep hormones, making it difficult to get a good night’s rest. This is especially true of any light emitted from a technological device.

 3. Keep It Quiet

Neutralise noises. Like the lights, noises will keep your brain active. Remove anything causing noise from your bedroom and enjoy the peaceful results.

4. Take the Time to Wind Down

About an hour before you head to bed, give your brain a chance to relax and wind down. That does not include watching TV, which actually provides stimulation and entertainment for your brain. So, turn the TV off, pick up a book or meditate. Whatever it is, make sure it’s peaceful and relaxing.

5. Exercise Regularly

Getting exercise each day can help you fall asleep and have a better-quality sleep each night. It doesn’t have to be a high intensity workout every day, it can even just be a long walk. The results will benefit not only your bodies health, but your mind too.

If one of the reasons you are having trouble sleeping is due to joint pain, consulting with a chiropractor may help. Helensvale Chiropractic has experienced chiropractors, nutritionist and massage therapists on hand to help you restore your body and mind to its optimal health. Call or visit us at any of our centres located on the Gold Coast.