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A Pacific Pines chiropractor that cares

When you need a professional chiropractor that not only wants to alleviate your pain but find the source of it, then look no further than Helensvale Chiropractic Centre.

An initial consultation only cost $25 – worth a total value of $240

Chiropractors are health care professionals that concentrate on the spinal autonomy

You can be assured that your Pacific Pines chiropractor is up-to-date with all the latest treatment, as we attend regular post graduate training programmes to stay abreast of changes in the industry and technology available to us.

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A Pacific Pine Chiropractic Centre that finds the root of the issue

Helensvale Chiropractic Centre is only a small ride from Pacific Pines and offers the best chiropractic treatment on the Gold Coast. When presented with symptoms, we don’t treat them in isolation, instead we use them to establish the root of the problem.

We provide a drug-free and natural method of pain relief. Whist the most people think we are solely in the business of neck and back pain, our professional chiropractic care extends to general well-being. We listen to you and work out a treatment plans that is specific to your needs.

Our professional chiropractic centre also offers massage

When you have aches and pains, or you need a more intensive recovery plan, we have the following massages available from our qualified therapists, health fund rebates are available;

  • Remedial Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Relaxation Massage

Our Pacific Pines Chiropractor is in the business of improving your general wellbeing

Whilst our chiropractic adjustments at Helensvale Chiropractic Centre, near Pacific Pines, will improve your posture and flexibility, assisting with pain relief, we also provide a programme of simple stretches and exercises to assist you in maintaining your optimal well-being.

Whilst today’s lifestyle includes a lot of sitting, our stretching and exercise assists with your overall well- being.

More than just a chiropractic centre in Pacific Pines

We want to take all our education and experience to assist people with their everyday living. With over 20 years of clinical and personal experience, we proudly bring to you our Cleanse – Replenish – Rejuvenate programme.

Our chiropractors have looked at what affects health and how best to combat it.

Our Chiropractic Centre can refer you to a bulk billed X-Ray clinic close

Sometimes our Pacific Pines chiropractors we may need to get a clearer picture of the situation before we can properly diagnose you, so we may require X-Rays. We can refer you to our local bulk billing X-Ray clinic who will be able to liaise with us about the results.

Our Chiropractic Centre near Pacific Pines can offer Thermography Scans

What is a Thermography Scan?

This is a great way to get a full picture of how the nervous system is functioning. Our chiropractors use technology, experience and know-how to provide the best solutions for patients.

Chiropractors promote Youthfulness

Why age when you can follow our Healthy-Ageing Program. We look at your lifestyle and with using our experience and technology we can arm you against the ageing process.

If you want more energy, more vitality and assistance to age healthy, call Helensvale Chiropractic Centre.

Visit Helensvale Chiropractic Centre near Pacific Pines for all your aches and pains

Chiropractors are best known for their treatment of back and neck pain, but at Helensvale Chiropractic Centre near Pacific Pines on the Gold Coast we offer much more. For a chiropractor that cares and goes the extra mile, call us on 07 5573 7033.

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Back Pain

Back pain is very common in fact 80% of all Australians at some point in their life will be affected by back pain.

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chiropractor | Gold Coast | Helensvale Chiropractic | Headaches


Please read the section on neck pain as there is a strong correlation between neck pain and headaches.

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neck Pain

Due to the anatomy and flexibility of the neck it is very susceptible to injury. Imagine that the head is a bowling ball

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chiropractor | Gold Coast | Helensvale Chiropractic | Chiro Kids

chiro kids

I am often asked should I get my child checked by a chiropractor. My answer is a resounding yes!!

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