Neck Pain

Due to the anatomy and flexibility of the neck it is very susceptible to injury. Imagine that the head is a bowling ball which weighs a considerable amount, this is then balanced on your spine and held together by muscles, ligaments and joints. It does not take much to disturb the balance of your head and neck. The neck is also attached to the upper back and shoulders. The spinal cord runs from the base of the head down to the rest of the body and sends out spinal nerves between the vertebra supplying muscles and organs throughout the body.
Neck pain can be caused by poor posture from sitting too much at the computer or slouching for long periods of time, trauma from MVA and whiplash, wear and tear arthritis, stress and emotional tension. The pain and tension can come from pinched nerves which may radiate to other areas, muscle spasm and inflammation, the joints and discs.
So often the Jaw or TMJ can be involved with neck pain, not to mention headaches and eye pain.
Chiropractors are well qualified to treat neck pain and understand the biomechanics of the spine to restore normal function using safe, gentle and effective treatments.
The treatment for neck pain consists of chiropractic care to the area of concern, plus the chiropractor will assess other areas of the spine as the primary cause of the problem may be related to another area. The aim of the care is to reduce pain and inflammation and restore joint range of movement.
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