Is your morning smoothie helping or hindering your health

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It’s an easy morning breakfast choice that requires little time and is great for your health. Right? With so many morning smoothies advocates it can be easy to become bombarded by advice and recipes, but what they don’t tell you is that if you’re doing your morning smoothie wrong they may actually be detrimental to your health, not beneficial. Here’s what you may be doing wrong.

2. Fibre

Fibre is indigestible by our body. It travels through our body with almost no change and has no nutrients. Which is why you should be eating it! Fibre in your stomach will make you feel fuller, for longer. Thus, less snacking and overeating, which means increased weight loss.

2. Protein

Protein in your smoothie will help with your energy levels, as well as aid in weight loss and blood sugar metabolism. It also makes sure that what your body is burning is mostly fat and not muscle mass.

3. Fruit

Sugar, sugar, sugar. It may taste great, but a smoothie full of fruit is a recipe for weight gain. The fructose in sugar isn’t correctly recognised by your body and so it won’t help you feel full, once it is metabolised you will be hungry again. Some fruit in your morning smoothie is OK, but it should not be the base ingredient.

Still unsure if your morning smoothie helping or hindering your health? Helensvale Chiropractic has a certified and experienced nutritionist that you can consult with to help build the ultimate healthy diet and lifestyle choices to suit your needs. Contact or visit any of our Gold Coast offices to discuss your nutrition needs.