Is your weight affecting your back

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There are many health consequences to carrying around extra weight, among one is the risk of serious back pain. Losing weight – through healthy diet and exercise – can go a long way towards easing your pack pain. In many cases, consulting with a chiropractor can also help ease the symptoms and provide relief for your back pain.

If you are carrying most of your weight around your midsection, chances are that you are experiencing lower backaches, as the added weight can cause your pelvis to tilt forward putting strain on your back. The pressure of extra weight will affect your lower back the most, as it carries the brunt of the weight.

This is especially true, should your job require you to sit for extended periods of time as this also has been known to cause back pain. Losing the weight is only part of the battle, as your extra weight may have caused issues with your hip, spine and neck alignment. Which means that, if your back pain is severe or if it continues even after losing weight you should seriously consider consulting with a trained chiropractor.

Don’t let your pain rule your life, Helensvale chiropractic can do a complete case history evaluation, physical examination and even X-rays if needed. If the backpain is due to the subluxation of the spine then our experienced chiropractor can adjust the spin to re-establish movement of the fixated vertebra. This may also entail some muscle work and stretches of the spine.

Our chiropractic treatment aims to find the underlying issue that causes your painful symptoms, so we can target the root cause and banish the pain completely. If weight is the cause of your back pain, we have a qualified nutritionist that you can work with alongside our chiropractor so that we can target all causes of your pain. We don’t believe in temporary fixes, we offer natural, drug-free, pain relief. Call one of our Gold Coast offices today to discuss your back pain concerns.