How important is Vitamin D and Sunlight

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On a genetic level, humans REQUIRE vitamin D for wellness. Your body will produce vitamin D naturally when exposed to sunlight. Exposure to sunlight is healthy, it is sunburns that are not. If your body becomes vitamin D deficient, you are at risk of developing bone abnormalities.

There are many benefits and important functions provided by vitamin D, one of the most vital is that it works to regulate your body’s absorption of calcium and phosphorous as well as facilitate normal functioning of your immune system. It is also important to maintain normal bone and teeth growth and development. It even improves your body’s resistance to certain diseases!

Here are the top three benefits of vitamin D:

1. It Fights Diseases!

Vitamin D has been proven to reduce your risk of multiple sclerosis, decrease your chances of developing a heart disease and reduce your likelihood of catching the flu. All of that in one vitamin!

2. It Fights Depression!

Research shows that when your body is exposed to regular sunlight, the vitamin D that is produced can help regulate your mood and prevent depression. Those who experience anxiety and depression are commonly found to have a vitamin D deficiency.

 3. It Fights Weight Gain!

In some cases, vitamin D can boost your body’s ability to burn fat and lose weight when combined with a healthy dose of calcium intake. It also improves your heart function and prevents cardiovascular disease, keeping your heart healthy as well as the rest of you.

Maintaining a balanced nutrition and diet is vital to your body’s health and overall function. If you struggle to consume the correct vitamins and nutrition on a day-to-day basis, consulting with a nutritionist may be the best option for you. They can help you get your body back to running on its optimal level and improve your energy, digestion and overall health.

To speak to an experienced nutritionist, call or visit Helensvale Chiropractic at any of our Gold Coast Centres. We can help you get back your health, so that you can get back to focusing on other things.