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Life’s journey is either a blessing or a lesson

The Right Mindset

This can be a big issue for a lot of people but let’s keep it simple. Most of us lead busy hectic lives and you end up forgetting about the most important person. You!!!
We are so busy in the head, worrying about, work, family, friends, finance that sometimes we just need to take a step back take a few deep breaths, relax and ask ourselves the following questions:

  1. What are my hopes and dreams?(Not anybody else’s)
  2. Am I being true to myself?
  3. What do I need to do to change?
  4. Do I want to change?

As mentioned before we are all busy thinking, analysing, planning and worrying. Our mind is rarely at peace. It is so important to find balance by taking the time to be quiet and calm the inner chatter.

Learning to Meditate, practice Yoga or simply walking in nature can assist with creating this balance. Making time to be quiet and still enables you to access something deeper inside, the Heart, the real source of Love. At the end of the day we all know Love is all we really desire or have in the world, everything else is an accumulation of stuff. There are times when we feel out of control or at a loss to why things are happening, but by accessing the Heart, a deeper knowing, it is possible to follow instincts and feel better equipped to create more love and peace in life.

This may feel confronting and new, but for those willing to make a change to find this balance the results really are more peace and love for Self and others.

Make The Decision

Making the decision and choosing to change can be challenging. But knowing what you really want is the first step to change. Nothing will happen until you make the decision to want the change, then the how reveals itself. Be it to lose weight, get healthy, be a better partner etc. Once you make the decision, feel committed and consistent, the end result will be totally worth it. Better to have a small amount of discomfort than a lifetime of misery. Be patient and trust that you are heading in the right direction.

Take Action

Communicate with like-minded people what your hopes and dreams are. Be accountable to someone who is willing to help you. Make a plan of action. It will take time but all good things come to those who persist.

The Journey

Remember. This is so important: “Life Is A Journey” Live in the moment, enjoy life in the moment, don’t wait for things to happen, enjoy the experience now. I will be happy. Don’t say when I lose weight then I will be happy. When I go on holiday then I will be happy. Understand you can have that now by feeling what it would be like to be on a holiday or feel slimmer, sexier, funnier and enjoy that feeling now! Think thoughts that affirm that is how you feel right now. For example: “I feel so happy to be creating a loving relationship/healthier body/happier life”. The mind is powerful and needs to be used to create what is desired, not continually in a state of tension about what is not happening in life. It is no good going through life resenting things/experiences that you didn’t do. Do them now!


You are responsible for you first and foremost. Your own thoughts, feelings and emotions. If you are feeling down or upset, remember it is just an emotion, look at what this emotion is showing you. Is there something you need to express, change or request. There is no need to use the emotion to carry the message, let it go and communicate the facts directly, knowing you deserve to be heard. Emotions are powerful energy to motivate and encourage, when used negatively with anger, abuse, criticism, judgement and so on. They create destruction and burn bridges. Listen carefully, use open questions and be aware of “How” you are responding to others. This can create non confrontational communication. Gradually there will no longer be a need to control or feel controlled. If you are in a constant state of reacting and taking things personally, take the time to ask yourself:

  1. What is the real issue of this situation?
  2. Am I reacting to past experiences?
  3. Could I change “How” I am saying it?
  4. Am I really listening and hearing what the other person is saying?
  5. Are we solution oriented or is it just about someone being right or wrong?

It really is none of your business what other people are thinking about you, but it is your responsibility to ensure you are becoming the best you can be in any given situation.

Letting Go

Some people struggle to move forward in life, suffering with self-esteem and self- worth issues because of what has happened to them in the past and or what is currently going on in their lives. Such things as being teased, bullied, any type of physical and/or emotional abuse, all of which can have an ever lasting impact on your mental health. Regardless of what has happened, you must realise that you cannot change the past, but you can make a choice to move forward and take responsibility for your life and be you today. Live in the now.

Let go of all the blockages, obstacles, self-sabotaging thoughts and stresses both physical and emotional in your life. Improve you and the rest will follow. Your confidence, self- worth and self- image.
Ask yourself what has stopped you achieving your goals in the past? Why am I repeating the same old patterns? What aren’t I learning from this? Do I really want to continue on this journey which isn’t really my journey. Don’t buy into somebody else’s dream unless you really want to. You have a choice. Remember choices can be changed anytime.
Meditation is a great way of learning to let go and getting out of your thinking head and into your heart and be at peace with yourself.


Stop judging yourself and others. Don’t worry about what other people think about you. A lion never loses sleep over the opinions of sheep.
Just be the person you want to be. And be the journey. Enjoy the journey.

Reward Yourself

Reward yourself for every little success you have along the journey of living.

Be Grateful

Be happy and grateful with what you have and who you are and the rest will follow. Every day think of 5 things that you are grateful for.


Find balance in your life. It is not all about work and making money. Do things that make you happy. Everyday do something to spoil yourself.

Manage Stress

We all have the same stresses throughout our lives at different times. It’s how we react to the stress that makes the difference. Remember it is no use stressing about things you have no control over.


To meditate is to focus on your breathing. This is great for getting out of your busy head stuff and coming into your heart.
There are different forms of meditation, so find one that’s right for you. Google introduction to meditation.

Be Willing To Receive

Most people are not willing to receive the greatness of who they are and what they can be or have. To change this start giving to yourself every day. Massage, a (healthy) treat, a manicure, a present etc.
Also learn to give more whether it is a smile, a hug, a donation, some advice etc.
Ask yourself what can I do to nurture myself today and what can I do to make someone else feel good today?

Change Your Relationship With Food

Some people eat the wrong food for the wrong reason. This will happen when they are depressed, anxious, stressed, lonely or upset. You will not be able to change your current situation over night, but you can change your response or reaction to this. It is important to recognise what your relationship to food is, and the difference between good nutrition and bad nutrition in response to that situation. Ask yourself, “If I eat this biscuit, is it going to fix my problem or assist me to achieve my goal or will it cause a set-back? Is the set-back worth it? What else can I do to avoid having this set-back?

Tip: Make it a habit to only eat at the table. Do not snack when driving, on the run, reading, using a computer or when watching T.V. These are just bad habits that need to be eliminated

Preparation for weight-loss

You must prepare yourself for weight-loss and getting healthy if you want long lasting results. To make things simple for you and avoid set-backs, as with anything that is worth gaining, you need to prepare in advance.

• Clear the cupboards of unhealthy food
• Shop for the week in advance
• Take time to learn how to read labels
• Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach
• Start at the fruit, vegetable, deli and meat section when shopping, the new you will find ¾ of your trolley full here
• Take a photo of yourself to look back on later
• Share your goals with family and friends
• Remember you are NOT going on a diet, you are changing your lifestyle permanently to become healthier and happier

Plan For Setbacks

Know that nobody is perfect and life is full of ups and downs, so just be aware that it is normal to have set backs and the best thing to do is be prepared for setbacks, acknowledge them and get back on track. Have an action plan to counter any foreseeable problems.

Some examples:

Have pre-prepared healthy snacks on hand
• Call a friend
• Read a book
• Listen to some music
• Go for a walk
• Find out what ever works for you.

Genetics & Hormonal Imbalances

The other important fact to remember is that, your cravings, poor lifestyle choices and weight gain may not be your fault. Despite all your good intentions to get healthy and lose weight, you may have a struggle due to inherited genes, and also the effect that synthetic fructose and sucrose (Processed food) has on the hormonal system. Particularly leptin, which is the hormone of satiety, which controls our level of satisfaction. If Leptin is out of balance due to inherited genes, the effects of sucrose and fructose and in some cases pharmaceutical drugs which all may dampen the effect leptin, then we are continually craving the wrong foods. These then push our blood sugars up, which puts more pressure on the pancreas to secrete insulin and so on, leading to obesity and other metabolic disorders. The Aspirebody Program balances out your hormonal system, thus preventing cravings and allowing your body to be a normal fat burning system.

How Do I Stay Motivated

Staying motivated is important especially at the beginning, as you are making life changing choices to get healthy and breaking old habits. However, once you start feeling better, looking great and losing weight you will find it easier to stick to the healthy lifestyle. Follow the program and use all the support tools offered by Aspirebody for long term results. Remember this is a journey to better health. Just start!!!
• Set achievable goals and reward yourself as each goal is achieved
• List the reasons why you want to achieve your goals
• Chart your progress
• Get out a dress you haven’t been able to wear and look at it weekly
• Have a good look in the mirror, see your skin improving
• Read and watch motivational media that you aspire to.
• Make it fun and enjoyable
• Mix with likeminded people
• Plug into the Aspirebody support system
• Learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat them


Scales will not indicate whether you are losing fat, muscle or fluids. A more accurate indication is the use of Cellular Health Analysis which monitors the exact fat to muscle ratios.. Cellular Health Analysis is a scientifically validated test that measures the biological markers of the ageing process. It will calculate your fat mass, lean muscle mass, % of ideal body weight, water composition of cells, biological age and circulating toxicity factor.

Cellular health analysis also incorporates waist measurement which is very important for monitoring fat loss around the organs. Another great tool you can use to monitor your progress is a tape measure. Measuring your waist circumference is a great indicator of fat lose.

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Life’s journey is either a blessing or a lesson