Headaches vs Chiropractic

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There are many different types and causes of headaches, and regardless of either when you have one you just want it gone. Fast! Well, there are definitely medications available to help relieve the symptoms of pain that headaches cause, but what about what’s causing them?

Headaches are an extremely common condition in patients with chiropractic issues. Some headaches can be caused from weak neck support due to spinal bone issues, affecting nerves, muscles and in extreme cases blood flow. Many types of headaches can commonly be resolved through chiropractic treatment, who are trained to locate areas of the body and musculoskeletal system that aren’t functioning optimally, such as areas of your spine that aren’t moving properly, spinal curves, flexibility and abnormalities.

Unlike many other field of medical practice, a chiropractor will recognise that a headache is your body’s way of warning you of a larger issue, and they are trained to help solve that underlying issue, thus relieving you of your headaches. It is the underlying issue causing your headaches that you are truly trying to fix, unlike medication which just masks the pain only for it to return again later. Chiropractic treatments will treat your body’s actual issue not the symptom of the issue.

Some patients of chiropractic treatments will experience instant relief of their headache symptoms, others will experience a slow achievement of relief. Each and every headache victims case will be different and may require special instructions or recommendations from your chiropractor. Your chiropractor will design a treatment and program tailored specifically to suit your case and needs. Ensuring optimal care and improvement of the issue causing you headaches.

Helensvale Chiropractic has a team of highly-skilled and experienced professionals across their Gold Coast Centres that can assist you in treating your headaches.