Foot pain? When to Seek Help

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Given the amount of time we spend on our feet, it’s no wonder foot, ankle and heel pain are extremely common. It can be difficult to know when the pain is normal and just needs rest, or when to seek help. Here are some common abnormalities and dysfunctions that can occur in this area of the body, which may help you to have a better understanding of whether or not you should see help for your pain.


This is a natural movement, in which your foot rolls in as you walk. There is a healthy range of pronation (15 degrees) that helps to stabilise the foot in order to push off the ground. It is when this natural pronation becomes excessive that you may experience foot, knee, hip and spinal discomfort. TO determine if you over-pronate as you walk, examine the insoles of your shoes. Over-pronators will have wear on the inside edge of your shoes, rather than the typical heel-toe wear.


A common contributor to outer-knee pain, supination is an insufficient inward foot motion during gait. It is typically found in those with excessive arch height, as they will unevenly distribute pressure onto the outer edge of their feet as they walk.

Hallux Valgus

This is what it is called when your big toe deviates inwards. Also known as Bunion, and in more severe cases will require surgical intervention.

Before treating foot, ankle or heel pain, it is wise to have a chiropractor do a complete case history evaluation, physical examination and X-Rays if clinically indicated. If the foot, ankle or heel pain is die to musculoskeletal issues then the chiropractor will adjust to re-establish movement. This may also entail some muscle work and stretches.

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