DIY Back Cracking; The Risks You Need to Know

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When it comes to cracking your own back, you should forget it and leave it to the professionals. Here’s why…

When a spinal joint is adjusted they are in essence stretched, and the space between the joints widens. Our joints are not meant to be continually stretched, and if you crack your back on a daily basis or close to, the continual stretching can lead to less stable joints that are too flexible. This can lead to a various range of issues and will require chiropractic attention in order to restore support and strength.

Often when you crack your own back, you are actually adjusting the joint above or below the actual joint that is restricting movement, and not the correct joint at all. The issues of continually doing this are the same as stated above, a weakening of your joints that will require attention to restore.

What you truly need to remember is that we are talking about your spine. A part of your body of which it’s vitality cannot be understated. With so very many critical structures surrounding or running through your spine, such as blood vessels, ligaments and muscles, you should ask yourself if it’s worth the risk? All it takes is one incorrect adjustment to the spine or any of these structures to create damage and lasting side effects.

If you are experiencing back or neck pain, or any other spinal symptoms it is wise to have a chiropractor do a complete case history evaluation, physical examination and even X-Rays if needed. Your chiropractor can adjust your spine correctly to re-establish movement of the fixated vertebrae.

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