Suffering from Migraines? A Chiropractor Can Help!

There are two main types of headaches: tension headaches and migraine headaches. Tension headaches which make up 75% of cases and are characterised by tight band around the head or a constant dull ache on either one side or both. Migraine headaches, on the other hand, are more serious, and in some cases are debilitating.
Typically, […]

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3 Ways Your Chiropractor Can Help Relieve Stress

Stress is a natural response. When faced with a difficult, scary or worrying situation, our natural stress responses kick in causing a fight or flight response. While each person responds differently, the strain on our minds and bodies are very similar.
Some common symptoms of stress include: muscle tension, anxiety, chest pain, fatigue, lower back pain, […]

The Best Sitting Position for a Healthy Spine

Some of the most common injuries that chiropractors encounter are caused by incorrect or prolonged sitting positions. With technology use on the rise and more and more jobs requiring 9 to 5 desk time, back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain are becoming extremely common issues. To help remedy these issues, here are some tips […]

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What Exactly is Vitamin D and How Much Do I Need?

Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, is produced within the body when sun meets the skin. You can also absorb vitamin D from food products such as fatty fish, mushrooms exposed to ultraviolet light and fortified dairy products. During cooler months or for indoor dominated lifestyles, many people turn to vitamin supplements. To […]

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Magnesium: What Is It and Why Do Your Muscles Need It?

Magnesium is an essential mineral that aids with hundreds of beneficial reactions in our body. Magnesium plays a key role in energy production, muscle synthesis, muscular contraction, muscular relaxation, fatty acid metabolism, and strengthening bones. To teach you more about the benefits of magnesium, read this quick guide from our team of chiropractors.
What’s so great […]

Fish Oil vs Krill Oil: Which One is Better?

Both krill oil and fish oil supplements provide omega-3 fatty acids including docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). While both supplements provide similar health benefits, there are many differences in their origin, price and overall benefits. In this blog our chiropractors explain the key differences between the two supplements.
Fish oil
Fish oil is usually sourced […]

Foot pain? When to Seek Help

Given the amount of time we spend on our feet, it’s no wonder foot, ankle and heel pain are extremely common. It can be difficult to know when the pain is normal and just needs rest, or when to seek help. Here are some common abnormalities and dysfunctions that can occur in this area of […]

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5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Flexibility

Staying inactive for long durations, such as sitting in an office chair, is a very common factor when it comes to inflexibility and joint stiffness. Here are five quick tips to help you improve your flexibility.
1. Weight Training
When trying to increase your flexibility, strength and resistance training are important. These exercises will increase the strength […]

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Sleep: How to Get More of It!

We spend roughly one third of our lives sleeping. It is what allows us to restore our energy, consolidate our thoughts and memories, release hormones and aid proper growth and repair keeping our minds and bodies healthy. So, what happens when we aren’t getting enough of it, and how do we fix it? A good […]

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DIY Back Cracking; The Risks You Need to Know

When it comes to cracking your own back, you should forget it and leave it to the professionals. Here’s why…

When a spinal joint is adjusted they are in essence stretched, and the space between the joints widens. Our joints are not meant to be continually stretched, and if you crack your back on a daily […]