5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Flexibility

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Staying inactive for long durations, such as sitting in an office chair, is a very common factor when it comes to inflexibility and joint stiffness. Here are five quick tips to help you improve your flexibility.

1. Weight Training

When trying to increase your flexibility, strength and resistance training are important. These exercises will increase the strength of your muscles through range of motion.

2. Stretching Post Workout

Especially after weight and resistance training, make sure you are stretching. It will help to reset the muscle fibres to their resting position as well as remove toxins like lactic acid in order to improve your muscles rate of recovery.

3. Stretch Differently

Don’t just stretch the same way every time. Often hamstring tightness is linked to lower back and pelvis dysfunction. Try new stretch routines that will stretch out both the hamstring and lower back, as well as hip flexors and quads.

4. Sleepy Stretch

Stretch in the morning right after you wake up. It will get your muscles moving, and remove any stiffness from a night of immobility.

5. Static Stretching

Research shows that the best and most effective type of stretching is static hold stretching. This is what it is called when you hold your stretched position for a length of time. The key to this stretch is to apply subtle tension to your muscles and hold, not hold at full stretch.

Utilising chiropractic adjustments plus simple corrective spinal stretches and exercises designed specifically to improve your posture, flexibility and get you out of pain. Whether you are just starting out, workout regularly, or recovering from an injury we will design a safe, but effective stretching and exercise program specifically for you. We also give you helpful tips that you can use every day to improve your posture and flexibility.

To consult with a chiropractor about a stretching and exercise program, call or visit Helensvale Chiropractic at one of our Gold Coast centres.