Foods That Are Good for the Joints

  • Foods That Are Good for the Joints - Gold Coast

Whether young or old we all need to take care of our joints. It doesn’t matter if we feel perfectly healthy right now or are suffering from joint pain and arthritis. There are certain foods we can all eat on a regular basis that will benefit our joints and help to ensure our joints are […]

Are Chiropractors Real Doctors

  • Are Chiropractors Real Doctors - Gold Coast

Are chiropractors real doctors?

This is a question that gets asked a lot, so in this article we will cover what it means to be a qualified chiropractor.

“Doctor” Is a Broad term

There are different definitions of the word “doctor”, and not all doctors are involved in the medical profession. So, depending on how strict a definition […]

6 Top Reasons to See a Chiropractor

  • 6 Top Reasons to See a Chiropractor - Gold Coast

In this post we will be taking a look at 6 occasions when visiting your local chiropractor would be a wise choice of action.

#1 – Headaches

Did you know that the majority of headaches – particularly tension headaches – are caused by neck problems that a chiropractor can help you with? Misalignment in the spine leads […]

5 Common Causes of Neck Pain

  • 5 Common Causes of Neck Pain - Gold Coast

Neck pain is a very common complaint whether you are young or old. Even children can suffer from it. There are reasons why most of us, at some stage in our lives, will experience neck pain, stiffness of the neck or even chronic neck pain. This post will look at 5 common causes and what […]

Sugar Overload: A poison to the human body

Synthetic fructose and sucrose used in most processed/packaged foods are poisons and are the single worst substance or chemical in the modern diet and responsible for the majority of health issues affecting mankind. The liver struggles to process synthetic fructose and sucrose effectively; therefore sugar is continually dumped into the blood, which raises […]

Stay Active Live Longer

Approximately 80% of having a healthy body is determined by the food choices we make. The other 20% is being active.
One of the worse things we do these days is prolonged sitting. Whether it is sitting in the car, at work, watching TV, on the computer, eating dinner or on the phone.

This leads […]

Healthy Mind Healthy Body Healthy Soul

Life’s journey is either a blessing or a lesson

The Right Mindset

This can be a big issue for a lot of people but let’s keep it simple. Most of us lead busy hectic lives and you end up forgetting about the most important person. You!!!
We are so busy in the head, worrying about, work, family, […]

The Importance of Drinking Water

What we have found is that most people have some degree of dehydration, due to:

• Lack of water intake.
• Inability to absorb the fluid due to some inflammatory, toxic issues or poor gut health resulting in bloating, poor kidney function and oedema.
• Too much coffee and or tea.
• Some medications can also affect hydration.

People can drink plenty […]