Headaches vs Chiropractic

There are many different types and causes of headaches, and regardless of either when you have one you just want it gone. Fast! Well, there are definitely medications available to help relieve the symptoms of pain that headaches cause, but what about what’s causing them?

Headaches are an extremely common condition in patients with chiropractic issues. […]

Chiropractic and pregnancy; should you, or shouldnt you

With so many changes happening to your body during pregnancy, it can be difficult to know what is normal and what you should be seeking help for. As well as when you do seek help, what is OK for the baby and what is detrimental to your health. Due to the increased weight, many pregnant […]

Is your morning smoothie helping or hindering your health

It’s an easy morning breakfast choice that requires little time and is great for your health. Right? With so many morning smoothies advocates it can be easy to become bombarded by advice and recipes, but what they don’t tell you is that if you’re doing your morning smoothie wrong they may actually be detrimental to […]

The Link Between Chiropractic Help and the Cardiovascular System

Heart Disease is the number one killer for Australians every year. It affects more people than any other disease! The importance of heart function cannot be understated, and through healthy living, diet and habits cardiovascular disease can be prevented. Another great prevention tool that many don’t know is chiropractic treatment.

To be a practicing Chiropractor within […]

Is your weight affecting your back

There are many health consequences to carrying around extra weight, among one is the risk of serious back pain. Losing weight – through healthy diet and exercise – can go a long way towards easing your pack pain. In many cases, consulting with a chiropractor can also help ease the symptoms and provide relief for […]

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7 Superfoods for Arthritis

If you are one of the 3.5 billion Australians living with rheumatoid arthritis, you understand the difficulty of daily joint and body pain. New medical advances are making daily life easier than ever, but often diet is an overlooked aspect of your treatment. In fact, certain foods can play a huge role in helping to […]

What Are the Common Causes of Back Pain and How to Prevent it

  • What Are the Common Causes of Back Pain and How to Prevent it - Gold Coast

Back pain and discomfort in the spine or neck is something that many people suffer. For some people it can be a chronic, ongoing condition, while for others it may be the result of a temporary injury to a muscle that helps support the spine. Either way, visits to the chiropractor are usually necessary to […]

Top Tips to Relieve Aching Joints

  • Top Tips to Relieve Aching Joints - Gold Coast

Aching, painful and stiff joints are something just about all of us suffer from at some stage during our lives. It doesn’t even matter what age we are. Everyone can be afflicted with aching joints, and in this post we’ll cover some handy tips on relieving the pain and stiffness.

Ice Is Nice

Applying ice therapy is […]

The Power of Thermography in Detecting Spinal Problems

  • The Power of Thermography in Detecting Spinal Problems - Gold Coast

Those who are unfortunate to suffer from back pain and associated discomfort related to spinal problems can really benefit from the use of thermography technology. In order to treat a spinal problem, the issue first needs to be diagnosed correctly, and that’s where a thermography scan really comes into its own.

What Is Thermography Technology?

Thermography scanning […]

Practice These Tips for Better Posture

  • Practice These Tips for Better Posture - Gold Coast

Bad posture not only looks unattractive, it can lead to all sorts of issues and spinal problems if it becomes an ongoing habit. The good news is, it’s never to late to learn how to have better posture and to make a constant effort to monitor your posture. Let’s take a look at some tips […]